Sunday, May 24, 2015

What do you do when you have nothing to do???

Take the day off!

I started a Mother's Day post before Market, then had to put out fires so to speak, and it never got posted. See more of that post at the end...

Quilt Market was great! First time for me on Moda's designer row. Very interesting being on the designer side, normally I'm the buyer. Hey, wait I'm still the buyer at my local shop, but had some help this market. Many thanks to my friend Annette who walked the floor and picked ideas to take back home. She helped me set up my booth too. Awesome asset to team Betsy!

We had a good time. Saw friends. Caught up. Was all good.

Hard to believe we were just on the plane for home one week ago. Bye bye Minneapolis, back to unending rain in Texas. Ugh. At least no water restrictions this summer!

Today, Sunday, I declared it  to be a do nothing day. No housework (any excuse will do). No sewing for work, did that earlier this week. Went Antiquing with Mr. Betsy. Had a great lunch, awesome margarita, by the way. More antiquing. Then home. There is No place like home. Messy as it is, still in Market panic, don't forget anything, so leave it all out zone of a really hot's home. A little stitching on a 19th C Patchwork Diva project and TV tonight. ..will complete a really nice day. 
How often do I have a REALLY NICE STRESS FREE DAY??? They don't come around very often. Hello! Grabbing while I can!  

At the antique mall...

Aaah Memorial Day is tomorrow... Reflecting. Remembering those passed. Lost Daddy May 10, 2012. Lost Mom May 31, 2013. Has it been that long??? Sad month/good month. They are so much a part of what I do everyday, and who I am. Good stuff? I think so. 

Mother's Day thoughts...
Hi mom...don't think she knew who I was when I took the photo. 

I had time to think while binding the quilts for Quilt Market, a quiet time when I'm sitting still for a change. So Im thinking about Mom. And grandmothers and aunts and all the great-greats and so on that I never knew. Their last names changed and they bore children. They lived interesting lives, saw so many changes in their lifetimes. And us, mothers and grandmothers, how  interesting will generations to come think of us? See, that quiet time gets me to thinking. Pay attention Madison. Mimi has lots to teach you.
My Mother's Day was an absolutely lovely day with daughter Rachel and son Matthew, a movie, bucket of buttered popcorn., my kids on each side of me...perfect...a slice of heaven (or a kernel in the bucket, if you wish, lol), then Rachel's husband Craig and Steve, aka Mr Betsy, cooked dinner...with Miss Madison's help, I'm sure.

Thanks Mom, grandmothers and aunts for being my teachers, my inspirations, my role models. Great steps in which to follow. 

Saw this on PBS...interesting, don't you think so? Was at the end of The Roosevelts. 

There you are...great stopping place for today's post. Cutest couple ever. Love you and miss you both every day. Thanks for all you taught me. 

Cherish your loved ones, dear friends.

~Until next time, my best, 


  1. Very sweet post! And so true.

  2. Well said Betsy! I'm grateful for my history too.
    It makes us who we are.

  3. Sounds like market was an awesome experience. I'm eagerly waiting for your fabric to appear. Glad you had a sweet Mother's Day and a day for reflective thoughts.