Saturday, May 30, 2015

Storage Problem

#quilts  Need I say more??? 
I make quilts. I collect antique quilts. 
Ok, now I need not say more. 

You get what I'm understand where this post is going...I've run out of room. Need more cupboards. I collect cupboards. Need more wall space to place more cupboards. Sounds like a move...wishful thinking. (Sounds like a post I did a while back)

Fresh, and a little creative, folding of quilts after unpacking from quilt study necessitated the refolding of all...antique quilts in the bookcase and a few on top, the rest I've made. A wicker changing table on the left works well but I don't really like the two together. Had to make do...another reason to find a new cupboard!

Cupboard in sewing room, also re folded after quilt study at Lone Star House of Quilts. Very tidy, I'm pleased to say..until the next meeting. 

Here's a shot from this month's quilt study...

Just look at those fabric detectives! Do I see drool??? Hmm. 

I have more stacks. Re folding for another day. Bookcases of small quilts. Benches piled high with 1930's quilts. Quilts on walls, draped over chairs, on tables, draped over cupboard doors, and 3 on a quilt rack. I'm not even mentioning the stacks of quilt tops. You've got the idea. 

Happy problem? Yes. Sounds worse than it is. 
I do love my quilts.  Floor to ceiling shelves would be fantastic! Hint hint. I like to see them and change them out with the seasons.

Speaking of seasons...
How do you decorate for rain??? We have had more than our share in Texas. 35 trillion gallons of rain have fallen on Texas in May. Enough to cover the state with 8" of water. Do you know how big Texas is? Goodness! It is a LOT of rain. The sun is out right now and I'm thrilled. Maybe that helped generate the good mood for refolding quilts! Rain is nice for sewing time, or TV cuddle on the couch time with snacks, a kitty or two and a soft quilt. 

Oops, found a few I forgot to put away. And Mr. Betsy grabbed one while watching NCIS for the hundredth time! Hmm.

Now, back to folding...

Until next time ~


  1. Lots and and lots of quilts. Great problem to have. Keep on quilting because you love it so.

  2. Oh my, I see so many wonderful things in your pictures! So much loveliness and so much inspiration! You are lucky, enjoy all those beautiful quilts!

  3. All the folded quilts in the cabinets look oh so pretty and interesting. A delight to behold.

  4. Thanks for the eye candy. Putting them away is always more difficult than getting them out! I just love looking at your treasures. Thanks for sharing.