Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just One More Thing, an Update, long overdue

It's a crazy world we live in. I'm not telling you anything new, but sometimes, it's just crazier! Always busy, you are too. So how is it, just one more thing, works its way into an already full lineup??? Does it put you over the edge? Or do you roll with the punches? Freak out, or go with the flow?
Being the contradictory person that I am, I can swing either way. So tonight it's blogging...that one more thing that I work in, often freaking out because I promise to blog more, but don't. My apologies. I can have time to post on Instagram, which does Facebook at the same time, a twofer! Lol but those are short and sweet posts. I need time to talk , compose my thoughts for the blog, so I do that in the shower then forget what I decided to blog about. Lol. 

Here's what's new...that I can remember!

Look for me in Quiltmania Issue 109. I'm featured in the Enchanted Quilts and Home section, well my quilts, my home, and Molly. That cat's ego! She'll be impossible to live with! Im pretty excited, anxiously awaiting arrival of my copy.

Molly.  Relaxing before the  cataratzi appear at the door. 

So those 'one more thing' things that happen are sometimes really good! Photos were taken last October. At Spring Market, I asked Carol Veillon, publisher of Quiltmania, if she would like a quilt for the issue from Eliza's Indigo...'sure', she said, 'something small'. So I Race home from Spring Market to make a small quilt for the problem , it is small. Right?! No problem. Didn't do laundry, hardly cooked, Got it made, shipped to France, and on time! One more good thing!
Can't wait to see the article myself, Molly can wait. You have to wait too...

Another 'one more thing' thing... I do it to myself, sometimes a great idea, great plan, get it done, works! Unfortunately there are times It's a 'what was I thinking' thing. Oh well...that is me. 

Me in my booth at Moda's Open house...this was planned, a very good thing. On the table, pretty much covered up, is the 'one more thing' I thought to make 2 days before the event. A 'what was I thinking' moment, that worked out, thanks to assistants Molly and Hudson. 

Hudson questions placement. 

A quick Jellyroll project from Eliza's Indigo. Fabric will be in the shops in October. If I can figure this out, before fabric ships, I want to have this pattern on the blog for you as as a download? Ok, stop laughing, stranger things have happened. I am going to try...'nuf' said. 

Hmmm I'm thinking I should change the 'just one more thing' to 'another spontaneous event'...and some days the phrase will be 'spontaneous combustion'. 
Fall Quilt Market crazy sewing frenzy starts soon....what spontaneous events await???

A very good spontaneous event ... Miss Madison arrives to spend the day. A wonderful treat, a good thing... a 'just one more thing' to do, and I loved every minute! 

Until next time,
~ Betsy


  1. I just love your fabric line - need to have some soon! I laughed about the shower - I plan the day, and have the BEST ideas in the shower. Then promptly get side tracked and forget it all! Beautiful kitty helpers you have!

  2. Oh, and one more thing. I hear you're doing a trunk show at the
    Trinity Valley Quilt Guild's November meeting. I hope to be there.
    Bertha Mallard

  3. Oh well Betsy, If you want something done and quickly, you only need ask a VERY busy person!!!

  4. I’m busy too. You have spare time to take care of the blog, but I can’t for few past months.

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