Friday, June 12, 2015

HST mania

Half square triangles, love them or hate them? I love them. Today's sewing plan is the same as yesterday's and the same for  tomorrow. HSTs in various sizes for various projects, most results you won't see for a long time. 
One project requires somewhere close to a 1000 HSTs. I've tried really hard not to count, but soon will do the math as the publisher needs to know. 
Another project will need 750 of those babies and the 3rd set by the machine, only 180, unless I change my mind. 
Thank heavens for triangle paper!!! Big sheets by Quiltime are favored for large amounts of the same fabric combination, while smaller squares of Spinning Star Designs' Star Singles work great for scrappy projects. 

Triangles add interest to our quilts. Thumb through any quilting magazine or book and count the projects that do not involve triangles. Hmmm bet you don't count many. Triangles in blocks, triangles on borders, triangles in sashing, and even triangles as the main body of a quilt as you see here. 

The project quilt for my line with Moda called Eliza's Indigo. The quilt and line are based on one of my antique quilts. 
The line will be in shops in October. 

Here is a portion of the antique quilt.
Large HSTs in the early 1800s, lots of them. :-)
The really nice thing about sewing triangle units, is sewing a few at a time, mixed in with other projects or sew a few while waiting on hubby to bring home dinner. :-)  Before you know, you got the job done. 

Here is one of my tips for cutting units apart...
I cut the sheet apart into squares, then cut squares in half with scissors as shown...when you cut out the tiny squares, you have cut the dog ears off in advance. 
Try it and see if you like it. I cut apart, and tear off papers, while watching a TV program, a nice time to put my feet up and relax. Press later, or as needed.

Pressing in the direction you have pressed the individual triangles, all to the left in this case. Last thing for today...I press on an old towel. You have those towels, the ones that over time ruffle! I hate them. But being the frugal person I am, I rip off the ruffle and place the remaining bath towel on the big board. Great for pressing appliqués, and HSTs! I have several of these 'ripped' towels and toss in the wash whenever they get messed up...iron goes bad...starch builds up...or accidentally drooling the yummy chocolate I snitched when no one was looking, at least it didn't go on the triangles!  :-)

Have a great day sewing!

Until next time, 
~ Betsy


  1. Betsy,
    I never heard about cutting the little squares out in advance. I will remember that one!


  2. How can I purchase the pattern you're using for the Eliza's Indigo- I recently purchased the Moda Rue Indienne Indigo fabric collection and would like to use it since I have it- thinking the french general border fabric would also be gorgeous in this pattern- if I had unlimited cash I'd buy the new collection but alas, I don't! Your work is gorgeous!

  3. I have brought the the 1/2" and 2" papers for HST. Yet to use but love your idea of stitching a few plus cutting out the corners. Happy Stitching.

  4. hello there, I discover your lovely work in Quilmania, my god so beautiful
    I gonne follow your blog
    big hug from belgium

  5. Also discovered your blog through Quiltmania! Must agree with you about triangle paper -- it was how I survived making the top for the Civil War Chronicles BOM from a few years ago. I print my own with Quilt-Pro's Triangle Magic software. Love your idea about cutting the little corner squares to nick out the dog ears.