Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alternate winners

A week after announcing winners for the Frivols tin, Molly has selected two new winners. Sorry, only Lauren came forward! 
So new winners are Wendy Reed Caton and Victorian Girl. 
Please email me your addresses so I can get the tins in the mail to you!

Thanks for ALL the comments. I enjoyed reading each and every one. 

Last week I taught a Blended Quilt retreat, should call it Low Volume and yummy!
Creative takes on early 1800's chintz quilts. Smooshy was the goal and they all did great! Hope you can see in the photo the beautiful work they all did! 

Just look at this awesome inspiration board. Yummy. 

Ok hope to hear from the two new winners. 
Thanks so much for following me!

Until next time~


  1. So sorry to heard that.Congrats to the new winners.
    I agree, your board looks gorgeous.

  2. Oh yum! They look good enough to eat! Thanks again for my chance to win the Frivol. I adore tins and especially with your fabrics in them!