Thursday, August 25, 2016

Just Toasty part 2

It's the end of August! Can Fall be far away??? Time to think of warm, not hot days and cooler nights. Football games and quilts. 
I'm not a football fan, but loved going to high school games when the kids were in school. Crisp evenings....snuggling under a quilt. 
Aren't they a cute couple? I have NO idea who they are! But they are cute! 

Just Toasty. Love it. I still have a few kits. 

Dear Unknown , please tell me who you are. I can't reach you. 

Here is what you do to reach me...go to About Me, then click on complete profile then click Email and my email is right there.  Once I receive an email by which I can reply, we are good to go!
Kits are $123.00, including shipping.  For Texas residents $132.00 including sales tax and shipping. 
So Unknown, I'd love to send you kit, please try again to reach me. Thank you!

This little mini Bramblewood is also available in a kit. Bramblewood fabrics are wonderful for Fall in any design. Do you Think I'm a little partial!?! Lol. 

Secret sewing for Quilt Market started this past week. Sorry I can't show anything yet. 

Hope's Journey, my next line will arrive in October. 
A few quilts from the line. 

And the antique inspiration. At Moda's Open House. 

Looking Forward to the arrival of Hope's Journey. Fall really will be here then!!!

Until next time~


  1. I'm still in love with Just Toasty! And now I can not wait to get my paws on Hope's Journey! So much fabric, so little time!