Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Do you have a favorite pincushion? Or several favorites? I like to make them. They make nice gifts, not just useful, but decorative too. 

This is my most used pincushion. It's attached to a vice that is attached to my sewing table. It's a pear. My sewing table is small and it fits perfectly, and perfectly stays put!

 Pincushions have progressed since the tomato I started using in junior high Home Economics. That thing spent more time on the floor. Too light weight to stay put. So it also made the perfect cat toy. 

Now they are decorative, whimsical, functional and collectible. 
Some of these I made, others were gifts. 

This assortment are all wool. Some I've made and some were gifts. Wool offers pins a needles a fabulous resting place, gliding in and out. I like to stuff with wool, but it makes the pincushion really light and cat toy. So they need to be decorative ... See the heart, or contained, see the star. OR make 'make do' stuffed figures that are attached to candlesticks, or as the case with antique make do, attached to a broken goblet or an empty spool. 
My dear friend Betty made the crow and the dove. I made the lamb and Batilda, the bat. They are folk art creations.

This is my second favorite and it travels with me, also made by Betty. Wool. Stuffed with crushed walnut shells. Stays put in it out if a wooden tray. 

Below, are pincushions made by two sweet retreat hostesses, affectionately known as the Barbara's. I've taught for these ladies for several years, umm, 6.  I have 6 pincushions. For each workshop I teach, they take the block, reduce it and make everyone attending a pincushion favor. Truly awesome!  

This wraps up my ever growing collection 
of pincushions. Do you use them?  Collect them? Make them? 
Walnut shells, crushed, make good stuffing when you need weight. Sewing a button through the center, adds a little weight, and is a cute touch. 
Have fun making and collecting. 
And how about favorite pins?  I like Clover Patchwork pins, very thin. Great for machine piecing. Speaking of piecing...time to get back to it!

~Until next time, 


  1. I too have a collection of pincushions. Some, wool, some cotton and some "antiques". In several different shapes, animals, fruit and quilt squares. Love them all. I made most of them but a few were gifts.

    You have a great variety in your collection. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh my! I see another book in the making! Put me on the list.

  3. I love, love, love pincushions! Like you, some have been gifts and others I've made. My favorite ones to make now are of wool. There's just something about that primitive look. You mentioned stuffing some with walnuts shells. Did you know that you can go to the pet store and get a big ol' bag of crushed walnut shells for pretty cheap? I believe I found it in the reptile section. I have enough to last me a life time! Better get busy making more pincushions!

  4. Many years ago, I decided that I would make myself a collection of pincushions. We had seven cats at the time...they do make excellent cat toys, don't they?

  5. I love that sweet little box with the pincushion. Where did you get it?

  6. I have a brought little pig for my pin cushion. When I make a pin cushion for a friend I full it with processed sheep`s wool as pins don`t rust. Happy Stitching.

  7. You say pin cushions and I think "the Barbaras!" I too, am lucky to have many many of the Barbara pincushions. Each holds a different kind of pin.

  8. Just loving all of your pincushions. I will save your post for inspiration.

  9. You have a nice collection of pin cushions. I made several in wool but have given most away. Love your pear pin cushion.

  10. Today's post made me stop and take a look around my studio. I have many pincushions in many shapes and forms. Like you, some I made and others were gifts. My favorites are a very small dress form mounted on a metal pedestal; a very small comfy easy chair; and a small bench made from twigs with a cushion I made of wool applique. I love your collection and am so happy you shared it with us. (I agree...this makes great material for another book.)

  11. You've got a great collection. I just love that the Barbaras make mini versions of the blocks that you teach into pincushions - brilliant!!!