Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Moda BlockHeads week 13 Bowtie Quartet by Lynne Hagmeier

And here we are after another busy week that has absolutely flown by. My little grandson came home from the hospital Monday.  This Mimi is pooped, but so happy to have had big sister with us for several nights, while Reed was in NICU. I'll put a photo or two, or four, at the bottom of the post.

This week, block 13 is Bowtie Quartet, which I may rename when you see what I did the first time. LOL.  Thank you Lynne for designing this fun block!

Here is Puzzled as it is intended, 4 bow tie units set in a wreath design....

Here is what I made first....Bowtie busted and wrong.  I'm blaming this on an overly tired Mimi.

I now have an unintentional alternate block.  :-)
 It was easier and quicker to make a new block than to unsew!

Since I haven't been making Lynne's blocks by her layered patchwork technique, and I avoid inset seams if at all possible, I used the connector method to turn the 4 patch units into bowties.  I also know there is a cool way to sew the knot and it really looks like a knot, but can't remember how to do it.  My friend Betty knows.  Ask Betty.  :-)
I cut 1 1/4" squares and sewed in a diagonal line on one corner of each larger square to mimic the knot. Press to the corner and trim excess away.
When I remade the block, I only sewed connectors onto the light squares. My bowties have fat knots.  You might like 1" connector squares better. I'm happy with my knots.

To find the correct instructions for Lynne's layered patchwork technique and tips.

Please visit my BlockHeads friends' blogs to see their versions and tips.

Question of the week...
"What is the best tip you ever learned?"

My VERY best tip was given to me by Sue Troyan in the mid 1990's to flip my seam intersections (not the same as clipping) It keeps seams staggered and thereby reduces bulk. I've used this tip/technique for 22 years at least. Thank you Sue!
Second best tip, is from my dear friend Betty Edgell ( the one who knows the bow tie knot trick thingy).  Betty presses on a terry cloth towel. A few years ago,  I TRIED IT.  AND I LOVE IT!!! When pressing  applique, I've done so on a towel for years, but not for regular patchwork. Oh my! what a difference it makes, especially when using starch! (Another awesome tip, by the way.) No more hard, slick looking seam lines, and no more icky, stained, stiff, about to crunch and tear, ironing board covers!  You will have nicely pressed, crisp seams.  Just use an old terry towel, you know the ones that are ruffling?  Tear off the ruffles and place on the ironing board. I have a big board and as the towel gets icky and sort of stiff, I pull it off, replace with another, and throw the used towel in the wash.  Genius!  And, You are welcome.  Think of it as recycling and a 'going green' gesture!
Thanks Miss Betty!!!

Gather the tips you hear, see and try, then use the ones that work for you.  I can't tell you how many different people have tried to teach me to make a quilter's knot and failed.  I've watched all their great tips and I just don't get it. Finger, thumb and a rolling of thread works for me!  But, I can do an awesome tie-off to end!

I'm betting our BlockHeads designers will have a few good tips to share!

For the 3" Mini Penny block, I selected a 3rd arrangement of Bowtie blocks.

Squares for the 4 patches are cut 1 1/4".  Connector squares are cut 7/8" (for both 6" and 3" blocks, I figured the connector should be 1/2 of the cut size of the larger square.  Is this correct?  Don't know. Again, I'm happy!)   Each bowtie unit should measure 1 1/2" finished, 2" unfinished.

If you need an easier, quicker 3" block....

Again, cut squares 1 1/4" , make 4 patches, sew 4 patch units together and ta - da, you are done!  By the way I flipped each intersection, no clipping necessary. And, fabrics were starched, and pressed on a towel!    I think we have done this block before, but maybe you didn't make it.  I don't mind having 2.  Blocks should measure 3 1/2" unfinished.  Enjoy sewing this week's blocks!

I can't wait to see your creations for this week! Be sure to post on Instagram or,
 ModaBlockheads on Facebook. 
Happy sewing!!!

and now a little Mimi bragging....
 Madison and baby brother Reed.  We are SO glad he is home.

And an introduction to their cat Wrigley.  

 Looks like Wrigley is giving Reed a kiss!?!

~Until next time,
Happy Mimi, aka Betsy

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  1. The photos at the end are priceless!
    I also avoid inset seams and make my bow ties the same way you did in your second block.
    I am going to give the towel trick a try. All the problems you said it avoids are problems I have had. Thanks you!
    Your mini blocks are my favorite thing!

  2. Love your blocks and your cute little grandchildren. The picture with Reed and the cat is the best^^

  3. I have to say, I think I like your mistake setting better. But, I will do it as intended. I too like the tip of pressing applique on a towel. I can't remember who first told me but I do love that tip and do it every time! Your grandchildren are adorable. Your new grandson has my married last name and my grandson has my maiden name for a first name. I love tradition!

  4. Reed's big sister sure looks happy to be holding this baby!!!! So happy for you and the rest of the family.

  5. Thank you so much for your instructions. I find them so helpful. Love both of your block14's and the mini blocks are great. Hmmm are the mini blocks necessary for final quilt setting? If so I better go back. Welcome home to little Reed!!

    1. The mini blocks are totally separate and will not be part of the setting.