Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Moda BlockHeads Week 15

Hi everyone, these blocks are beginning to take shape!  I have 15 + as of today if you include a few extras.  I'm still thinking about how to set them.  I've noticed, I seem to gravitate to one color for several blocks, then switch to another.  I think it's a good idea to keep the previous blocks handy when selecting fabrics for each week.  Ok, that is the plan, but is it what I do???  

How do you decide which fabric says. "Me, me, me. Make Me!?" I wait each week to see the pattern, and seriously think about how I see it in a quilt.  Do I want mixed fabrics for a scrappy block? or all the same fabric? All one color, or more?  Since I'm pulling fabrics from all my lines, I have a scrappy quilt in the making.  But, I'm finding myself going to certain fabrics more than others.  Why is that?  I feel like I'm playing favorites. Hmm.  Now consider the order in which we designers present our blocks going to be preserved when we set them together?  Hmm.   So, if I've carefully selected fabrics, but do not follow a 'set by number placement', then ugh, will have to move them around to distribute color and style of blocks and once that starts, it is hard to stop.  Why did I begin this train of thought???  LOL!  Better not to plan! There, that's my story, and I'm sticking to plan, make what I like, in the colors and prints I like. Inspiration for the setting will hit when it's time...usually in the shower!  I'll just be hoping the design wall is empty!

 Question of the Week....Is there a quilter whose work always inspires you?
I'm inspired by lots of designers whose works are intricate and look like they took years in the making, masters of piecing and applique.  For those whose work  always inspires me...easy, the quiltmakers of the past.  When I look at antique quilts I am in such awe of what they created, that I want to replicate their works, make what they made.  If I could be a time traveler, I'd go back in time to meet the first quilter who figured out the Mariner's Compass block, or the women who made Baltimore Album quilts or, my great great grandmother Lizzie Carpenter, or Jane Stickle, or any number of the creative, practical and resourceful women named Anonymous!  

BlockHeads, this week, I've gone blue...T Block by Jo Morton....
I love this block, it's always been a favorite!

I usually call the block Double T.  And while I was making the block. this tune came into my head from the old Doublemint chewing gum commercial..double your pleasure, double your fun...and then there were 2, and both blue!!!

CLICK HERE  to go to Jo's blog for the pattern.

I have a few tips below and be sure to visit the blogs of my BlockHead friends (links below) Lisa, Lynne, Carrie, and Jan, to see their versions of this great block. Happy sewing!

My tips...
I thought I'd get out the Alphabitties to help keep track not just of what I cut, but parts, as I sewed. 

I added 1/8" to the cutting measurements for A and B then squared to 2" after they became HSTs.
 Block one shows trimming where I pressed to the dark....actually for a better sewing fit, press these HSTs to the light.  The seams will nest with the flying geese units, as shown in the next photo.

For the geese units, I also added 1/8" to C and D so when pieced the units I could 
trim to 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" as geese tend to get wonky.

I don't usually press seams open, but it is helpful when the units are sewn together in Step 5.

Mini Penny Ts

I could not resist making 3" T Blocks!  So I have 2 of them....
 The photos below  are from and old file on my desktop...good thing I kept it!

Referring to the 6" pattern, Cut A and B 2".  Make HST and trim to 1 1/2"
Cut E 1 1/2"
For the 3" T's, I decided to make the geese units using the no waste method. Cut D 2 3/8" square and E 1 1/2" 
 Follow these steps...Sew 1/4" on each side of drawn line. Then cut apart on drawn line.

This is one of my best geese making the triangle on top, first, then the other.  This keeps the background from arcing (curving)

 same process as above

 Trim pressed geese units to 1" x 1 1/2"

Set the block just as you would the 6". Flip and clip the intersections or press seams open if you choose.

I really enjoyed this month, thanks Jo!!!

Some of you missed and updated picture of Reed last week so here you go, in my lap with his buddy Wrigley...

Then I tried Monday, to get a decent picture with Maddie...who is really into saying c h e e s e! We are about to go to her swim lessons.

what sweeties they are!...Happy Mimi!

Until next time

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  1. I've had the Alphabitties for a while and never used them until I started Blockheads. They are really helpful keeping track of all the little cuts.

  2. Great block and great question this week. I can honestly say that I would pick you (and all the Quilt Divas) as incredibly inspirational. And, of course I am always by the thousands of quilters who have made such wonderful antique quilts. Keep up the good work!

  3. Love your blocks the big ones and the sweet little mimins but they are not as cute as your grandson!
    My setting plan for now is (might change I don't know) a 8x8 6"block setting with 1" sashing (and perhaps cornerstones) inbetween so it's 55"x55". Then a border (perhaps with some flying geese in for fun) and then the 3" blocks set on point, 15 on each side and top and bottom with 4 for the corners so there'll be 64 total. Perhaps another border then but not bigger as 76" x 76" (I need to quilt it on my DSM not an easy task if the quilt is too big).

  4. I love your blocks and your new fabrics!! Do you still travel out to guilds? I am looking for next year for my guild's programs.

    1. Louann, thank you! I do travel for programs. Please Email me. Bchutchian@