Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It's my turn....Week 32 Dutchman's Puzzle Moda BlockHeads

Hi everyone!  Back again, where did the week go??  I'm getting closer to completing Market samples, one more to go to the quilter, then the binding marathon begins!  I dread sewing the binding on the machine because on my small sewing space, but I do love having the quilt over me while I hand stitch the back side down.  I'll catch up on some movies or recorded shows, or binge a Netflix series. It's a nice change of pace after the fast pace of the machine.

So here we are for Week 32 and we will make Dutchman's Puzzle, 8 flying geese units set in a pinwheel arrangement.  I've got some tips, and lots of photos.  Link to the pattern will be a little farther down.

Question of the week...When you went from making quilts for yourself and began doing it as a business, is there anything you wish you'd known ahead of time?  Or was ignorance bliss?
Wow...If I knew then what I know now, would I do what I do? Yes.  The main thing I wish I knew is that I would need a bigger house!!! The business has taken over the house, in every single room.
When I first started sewing and quilting for the public I was making samples for a quilt shop and hand quilting.  That was 1992, um 25 years ago.  You make samples and drop them off, easy; pick up the mess and done..  Buying fabric and making a quilt for me was rather dangerous since I have always loved fabric and it accumulated quickly. Hand quilting required a large frame that took up the entire dining room.  Daddy made the frame.  Still have it, but don't use it.
After working and teaching in shops for many years, a book opportunity came along, then another and another and with each book, more fabric and less space for quilts and fabric. Then there is this passion for antique quilts that I have. They are taking over even more space than quilts for books and for me!
Fabric design and writing books, that is my business.  I love what I do.  There are deadlines though.  Pesky deadlines that nobody warned me about, that would compete with life. Sometimes life wins and sometimes the deadlines win. They are probably the same people that didn't tell me I needed a bigger house. Can't have a job without deadlines.  And, then there is working at home, I'm still trying to figure out office hours. It is hard to separate home and work.
So, maybe ignorance is bliss.  Time and space shortages have increased evolved, the busier I have become.  I wouldn't have believed either would have been an issue even if I had been warned...nope, not me.  I still love what I do.

This week I decided to put all the 6" blocks, in order, on the design wall. I made one alternate, at the bottom and an extra bow tie, but can't find the pattern so I don't know which Bow Tie is the original.  I also see I made 2 applique blocks with exactly the same blue fabric.  ugh.  Should I change the background?   Aren't they cool all together?  I'll get a picture of the 3" blocks another day.

Here is our block for this week, Dutchman's Puzzle.
CLICK HERE  for the pattern

Note the Bloc_Loc ruler 1.5" x 3". I used it to trim my blocks.
Look at your pattern's cutting information.  I increased the square and rectangle measurements for the connector method by 1/8" and sewed easily, trimmed away excess triangles, pressed to the small triangles and then trimmed each unit to 2" x 3 1/2" easily with the flying geese Bloc Loc ruler. 
Arrange the units in pairs and sew together, pressing to the goose, then sew 2 units together in rows.

On the back, I twisted, and flipped the intersection. No clipping needed and the units pressed to the goose and  swirled. You can see a tiny pinwheel.

Brown fabric is Rachel Remembered. Red paisley is Grace's Garden, due to be delivered this month.  Backgrounds are Lizzie's Legacy and Rachel Remembered.

I made 2 - 3" Penny blocks and intended to make something with the extra triangles from the 6" block.  I will, but happened today and needed to take care of something non quilt related.

Note the .75" x 1.5" flying geese ruler I used for these little cuties.
I used the no waste method for these.  Even with leaders, the tiny parts were just a tad too tiny for connectors.
The measurements I have given here, already have the 1/8" added.
Select 2 dark prints, cut each 2 7/8" square for the geese.
Cut a total of 8 - 1 3/4" square for the backgrounds
I've photographed the steps.
1.  Stitch on each side of the line I didn't draw,  1/4" on each side . 
(Below, you will see why I don't draw a line)

2.  cut apart on that line I didn't draw.

3.  Press to background. when pressing, press the top triangle first then the other.  The unit won't make that annoying arc this way.  When you press both at the same time, there will be an arc (curve)in the goose.

See the line on my sewing table?  I drew one line for connectors and one for geese. I line up my points with it as I sew. The edge of the foot would be lined up with the drawn line, if I drew one. Daddy made my sewing table, so I have to keep buying Pfaff machines so opening will fit the arm.
 4.  Sew on each side of the line I didn't draw, and cut apart.
 5.  Press to background and trim to 1 1/4" x 2"

Assemble and press the same as 6" block above.

Hope you enjoy making the Dutchman's Puzzle.

Please visit my friends blogs to see what they are making this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Your blocks look great all up on your design wall. I enjoyed reading your answer to this week's question. This is exactly why I love quilting in a non professional way. I admire those of you who can incorporate it into a profession and we are all thankful for you. I just wish you could figure out how to send us all more time to quilt!

  2. I love your blocks this week and how great they all look together! The bow tie block at the bottom is the original as far as I know but I love both blocks.

  3. Betsy, I am running into the same thing...not enough space for this passion we share. Oh is lots of fun and I love your new block!

  4. Love making Flying Geese and the 4-at-a-Time method is my favorite! Thanks!