Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Week 44 Moda BlockHeads is Lawyer's Puzzle by ME!

Ok, faithful followers 4 blocks to go after today.  You've almost made it!!!  What a great journey this has been. I have my setting planned and the reveal for it is TBD. Be gathering your thoughts....don't think there can be a wrong choice for this project.  The blocks look so good together.  I LOVE seeing your blocks on Instagram and Facebook.

Question of the Week...
Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  A word for the year?
I give up on resolutions...although this year I received a Fitbit and I'm learning how active I am here in the house...not a bad thing to know, so now I can see that I need to get up and move.  I'm always making the resolution to get more exercise and I never follow through.
I haven't done a word for the year, but another Moda designer, Janet Clare, is using the same word that she picked for last year...replenish.  I like that word.  Words that begin with re are pretty cool...renew, reward, refresh, reboot, resolve, relax...there are SO many choices!
I think my word is Step....and then remember, "one step at a time." 
What is your word for the year?

Here is my block Lawyer's Puzzle. A scrappy mix of Lizzie's Legacy, Hope's Journey, Rachel Remembered, Grace's Garden and Evelyn's Homestead.

Click here for the pattern.

Each unit finishes at 3" The large HST units finish at 2 1/4" and each small HST finishes at 3/4".  You might like to use triangle paper for 3/4" triangles or cut the pieces listed 1/8" larger than measurements given, the trim large HSTs to 2 3/4" and small HSTs to 1 1/4".

I thought the individual units pretty cute, so make an extra unit and ta da,
you have a 3" Mini Penny block.  Easy!

Please visit my friends to see what they have made this week. Links below.
An alternate word could easily be rest. I need more of this....
I just love those warm, comfy, fluffy socks! Thank you Elsie!!!  This was late Christmas night, when I finally got to put my feet up!  LOL.

Since this week is number 44, that means it is the last block you receive from me.  You will still see me post, but it is the last block for which I am responsible.
This program has forced me to blog more....I would like to keep up the pace (another word I considered) once BlockHeads ends.  You know, blogging more has been a resolution of mine in past years.  

Here is a page from my Quiltmania book Quilts for all Seasons...thought I would show a Spring quilt when show many of us are freezing!  The antique inspiration is on the table.

Thank you all for sharing your time with me....

Until text time,
~ Betsy


  1. Love your blocks and your socks they look so cozy!

  2. So beautiful block and socks.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Beautiful block and thank you for the measurements to use while sewing pieces together! It is helpful to know as we are going along if our pieces are correctly cut and sewn! My word for this year--relating to quilting--is ACCURACY! I'm betting better, but can still improve with measuring twice and cutting once and getting that scant 1/4" seam while piecing.

  4. I meant "getting" not "betting". LOL Also thank you so much for all of the beautiful blocks you've provided to us Blockheads this year!

  5. I can't believe this sew-a-long is almost over. My setting is pretty boring, but since I am doing this in the potholder method (whereby each block is quilted and bound and then whip stitched together), my quilt will be one when the last block is published. My plan is to donate it to the AQSG auction next Fall. I have a lot of fun with this one. Thanks for making it fun! And, to answer your question, I have made no resolution this year for the first time ever. We shall see what this brings!

  6. I decided to do this block scrappy, I am using all the small pieces left over from other blocks. I am ready your measurements above and I find myself a little confused. Once I sew the HST together what should they measure, I always trim. Should the small be 3/4" and the large 2 1/4"? That will be sitting a fair amount from the larger ones and I just want to be sure. Thank you for all your contributions to this wonderful project. I love your work. Thank you, debbie

    1. Small hst finishes at 3/4”. Each one will measure 1 1/4”
      Larger hst finishes at 2 1/4” and will measure 2 3/4”
      Each completed unit will measure 3 1/2” when sewn together, 3” finished.
      Hope this helps.