Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Week 47 Moda Block Heads Starry 9 Patch by Lisa Bongean

Welcome to Wednesday, BlockHead day!  Number 47!  One to go and we will be done! What a great block number 47 is....Thanks Lisa!  In fact they have all been great blocks!  I've had a ball making these, hope you have as well.

Question of the Week... Now that we are nearing the end...if you could start your blocks and quilt over again, is there anything you would have done different?  I'm really happy with the palette of my blocks, so no changes there.  I do wish I had planned a setting in advance, or at least very early on.  In my defense, however, I almost never plan a setting in advance!!!

Here is my version of Lisa's block....

Click here for the link to Lisa's blog and pattern.
This block was fun to make. I liked the added dark triangle in the's different. When sewing together the two triangles to make the star points, press that seam one tip for this block. 

Be sure to visit all my friends, links below, to see what they have made this week.
Thank you Lisa, for all of your blocks!

For my 3" block this time I chose to keep the 9 patch block going but made 4 - 1" finished 4 patches to do something a little different.

You may wish to change up you placement of the 4 Patches, so here is basic cutting...
5 - 1 1/2" squares light print
1" light strips, 1" dark strips 
(I used several short strips to prevent the curved thing that sometimes happens when pressing strips.)
 Sew lengths of strips together and press to dark strip. Cut apart in 1" increments. And, then sew those together to make 1" finished 4 patches. So tiny and sweet!  Assemble into a 9 Patch block that measures 3 1/2" for a 3" finished block.

Lots going on here.  Not too long ago I was at retreat sewing on just ONE project, that I still can't show and this week and next, it's one deadline after another.  I told my daughter the other day when she asked why everything comes at the same time, "It's the Law, it's just the law."  When it rains, it pours.  Of course something gets delayed or unfortunately forgotten. I'm trying my best to remember everything, at least everything I have remembered to write down! 
Happy Sewing!

Next week is our last week!  I can't believe it.

Take care...
Until next time,
~ Betsy

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  1. I'm so happy to have a simple block for this week. I love it. I have loved doing mine in the potholder method so it will be completely done by next Wednesday, but... if I had to do it again I would rearrange them all on point. My setting is just as they were published and therefore a bit boring. However, I do like the fact that each designer is in a vertical row. I would also use 100% Moda fabrics next time. I used mostly yours, Jo's and Barbara Brackman, but I have a few non Moda fabrics this time. It has been a lot of fun.