Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Direction Block 11 by Sherri McConnell for Moda BlockHeads

Hello Wednesday, Moda BlockHeads day! Today's block is by one of our new blockheads, Sherri McConnell of the mom and daughter design team Sherri and Chelsi. Hope you take time to visit Sherri's blog, A Quilting Life. Don't you love that name for a blog, or anything??

Here is my version of Direction.
Top photo is how the pattern is written.

And, this photo shows me happily thinking I knew what I was doing, LOL!

I pieced geese.  Supposed to be a chevron.  Really, I like them both.
I have them pointed left, but in the quilt you will want to decide on which 'direction' suits you.

Click Here for Sherri's pattern Direction, on her blog.

Be sure to check on all our designers, links below.

This week I feel fried inside.  So many things, obligations, deadlines, 
responsibilities to get accomplished. 
Ever have this feeling, like you are drops of water on a hot skillet???  It's not pleasant.  I always have a lot going on, always busy, but never have experienced this weird sizzling feeling.
And, I've spent a ton of precious time looking for things I simply cannot find, 
another byproduct of an overly busy mind. 
Retreat starts today, YAY, just in time for a much needed break.

It has been raining here for a week, not constant downpours, but those good soaking showers. Such a welcome relief to 100 degree plus temperatures!

'Direction' is appropriate, today, in the context of "I need direction", I'm thinking I need to get organized and get focused, the sewing room is a disaster, piles of fabrics and projects.  
When you stop laughing...yes, I know those who know me well, are still laughing, the clutter is more than I can handle.
In my desperate search for the certain things, including a new pattern I drew on a big piece of paper, I had to pick up and sort and put away other things that I knew were covering my pattern,
 but to no avail.
I used to be able to visualize the missing thing and go back to where it was when last seen, but that ability has left me.  SO frustrating!  Husband summed it up, "something distracted you". 
Hello and Amen.  Exactly! Thanks Steve!
Now to fix my mess...

and sew it goes...I do get things done. I may not ever find what I'm missing.  I'll rewrite, redraw, remake. and see you back here next week, refreshed and pulled together...LOL

My best to you all, 
Until next time,
~ Betsy

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  1. Ah, Betsy! You make me feel so normal. I'm so glad you're headed to a retreat. They're always such a great chance to relax and rewind and get inspired. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Don't fret, Betsy C.!! Time will work out the worries. Just a note to say I like your blocks the best. Every week. And I made mine with 2 geese. 😁 .Hang in there!!

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