Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Today's Block 9 for Moda BlockHeads2, is ''With a Plus" by Laurie Simpson

Happy Wednesday!  Today's block is super easy. Thank you Laurie, I enjoyed the simplicity of the block.  If you are behind in making blocks, this cute block will help you catch up quickly!

Isn't it cute?
Click here for the pattern on Laurie's blog.

I tried several options, but this one was the winner,  just scrappy enough for my style.

I thought I'd show you how I twist the seams and clip for a super flat block.
I've been doing the twisting, also called flipping since the mid 1990's and it is done without much thinking.  Now that I added clipping, some years ago, it is almost obsessive.

This first photo shows the seam intersection, flipped, not yet clipped, nor pressed.  If I press to the center, I'm pressing to a seam.  Ba bump. Don't like that, so I clipped on the cream side of the intersection and on the pink side down to the stitching line and pressed to the corner.

The next photo shows the seam clipped and pressed.  If you want, you might like to clip the seam so that all 4 seams press to the center, or all 4 seams press to the outside.
Press well.

All pressed nice and flat.

If you were hand quilting, you would consider the pressing ot the seams even more carefully. It really does make a difference.

And here we have the blocks to date....
It's fun to move them around...and around.

Please visit Laurie's blog  for the pattern, and all of our designers to see what else is going on in their world.  We love hearing from you, and want you to get to know us.  Links below.

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  I'm totally frustrated with being hacked again on Messenger and as  a result, I deleted the App.  You know when a friend is hacked on Messenger, the hacker sends messages to everyone in their contact list. If you respond or God forbid open the file sent with it, then he has hacked you too and then has your contact list.  It is a mess.  and practically impossible to report.  If it should happen to you, delete the message and change your password!!! Even if you only received a message that you didn't open.  
Some of you have messaged me...can't do that through Facebook Messenger anymore.  I'm not planning to reinstall the App.  You can reach me through the blog and, as long as you follow me or leave me an email address, I can reply.  You can post on my Facebook timeline or in our BlockHeads group on Facebook.  You can direct message me on Instagram.  It works really well! and then if you are desperate, just kidding, my personal email is in my profile, right here on the blog, on the right side where you can click on 'View my complete profile."

Besides that mess, I've done a lot of applique and will show you one of these days.  I've had some grandkids time and hosted a bridal brunch for my lovely niece Cara, but mostly have just tried to stay inside and keep cool with almost 2 weeks of 100+ degree heat. Yesterday and today have been cooler, but 100 degree days WILL return. UGH!

Happy sewing!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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