Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week 19 and 18 Moda BlockHeads

Happy Wednesday!
Between an old out of date computer, blogspot changes, and secret sewing for a virtual Quilt Market, I have fallen behind on my blogging.  I need a new computer.  How does one shop for a computer during a pandemic?? I am not a techy person, so not sure what I will need, or want or what is even available. 

Lets start with Brigitte's Compass Point, block 19

My version is 6"

A mixture of Nancy's Needle, Sarah's Story, Susanna's Scraps and the pink is from Harriet's the pink was at the top of the scrap basket. and the right size. LOL

for the pattern and Brigitte's tips.

Now Jan's beautiful applique which is missing a leaf....Thought it was stitched, but in transit for the photo, it fell and I didn''t notice.  oops

 for Jan's pattern and her awesome applique tips, if you haven't already.

The pile, minus Compass Point.

Here is a first look at Elinore's Endeavor, the subject of my weeks of secret sewing.

Thanks so much for your patience with me and this old computer.

The surprise I have been talking about should post to Instagram sometime today or tomorrow.
So, be watching. :-)

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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  1. Oh! I am looking forward to hearing/seeing more about Elinore's Endeavor!

  2. Do you realize that they can upgrade your own computer so it is faster and more efficient? Re built, and better than new!

  3. Elisnor's Endevor looks lovely. I love the names you give your collections & the stories that inspire them. I'm looking forward to finding just the right project once I can purchase a bundle. I just finished a basket quilt using Harriet's Handwork & love it.
    Just before Covid-19 hit, I had to replace my dead laptop. I found that most stores no longer carry any display models & most computers have to be ordered and shipped. did find it helpful to go online and read reviews on Techy sites for computers within my budget (i.e., PC Tech, PC Mag or Cnet). I called a few computer repair places to see which brands had the least need for repairs & which to avoid. My best advise is to ask any 12 yr. old to recommend one for your needs. They seem to be born knowing everything about computers. I ended up buying an HP Envy laptop that is a pleasure to use. I had it up, running & connected to my printer in just minutes and I'm not tech savvy at all. Best of luck finding one that matches your needs.