Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Moda BlockHeads Week 6 Sunflower

Here we go... Week 6, designed for you by Carrie Nelson...a sweet and fun to sew Sunflower block.

Before I show my blocks and talk blockheads, did you know Carol Staehle and I were on American Patchwork and Quilting's podcast with Pat Sloan yesterday? We were dishing DIVAS! lol Talking with Pat about our Treasury of Quilts book and our 19th Century Patchwork Diva group. The podcast will be available to listen to this week and also on Pat's website, now, if you like. Click on the underlined words and the link will take you where you need to go. for the block!

Block 6 Sunflower

Some tips, and a glimpse as to how I work....
Step 1, after selecting fabrics...and cutting, I arrange all my pieces.
Fabrics are from Rachel Remembered and Lizzie's Legacy and the green is from Hope's Journey.

Close up of my center.  It is machine basted, using the paper template provided in the pattern. I traced the circle on freezer paper, pressed to the wrong side of  fabric, and then stitched slowly on the circle. Easy breezy. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the paper side! After stitching, I pulled the excess paper away leaving the circle in tact.

Stitch parts, and return to layout 

All stitched together and circle is basted to center square.

 Finished. Center is appliqued last.
 I used the edge of the freezer paper template as a guide for needle turning. Basting stitches were removed as I stitched, giving another guide as I turned the edges underneath.  I loved making this block and you will too.

CLICK HERE for Carrie's pattern, Sunflower.


My Mini Penny 3" block

I saved the tiny triangles cut away (leaving a scant seam allowance) from Carrie's block and stitched them using 1/8" seams. I sewed them together to make hourglasses which I trimmed to 1 1/4". The 4 hourglass blocks measure 2" (1 1/2" finished) when sewn together.
Geese units finish at 3/4" x 1 1/2" and HST corners are 3/4" finished.
Want to try it?  I think you better starch those pieces before you cut for the 6" block!

Question of the week....
Pressing, to open seams or press to one side? 
I'm a press to the side sort of girl.
 FOREVER, I have flipped the seam intersections open to make seams stagger.
Flipping, which really means  breaking open the threads in the seam allowance in a twisting motion.  (you can pick out the threads too) The result usually makes a little 4 patch or a pinwheel. I then clip next to the seam allowance ONLY when necessary.
Press intersection and seams on the back, then front.
I generally press to the side with the least resistance. 

Here is another example. NOT a blockhead project. 
Every intersection is flipped, not clipped. Flat as can be.
See all the tiny 4 patches?

A parting shot, very spring like.
Thank You Carrie! for such a fun block!

Now go see what my friends have made......

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  1. Love your block and your little mini is so cute!
    It depends on the block size if I press open or to one side.

  2. Beautiful block. I usually press to the side. Happy Easter!!

  3. Pressed correctly, the back of blocks can be a decorative as the front. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love your Sunflower! I usually press to the dark unless it is a miniature block and then I press open.

  5. I love your sunflower block, and the mini's too. I have been giving them a try and love making these tiny treasures. I have a question, maybe my math is giving me trouble. My hour glass blocks are 1 1/4" before sewing together, all good there. When I sew them together for the center block I end up with 2 1/4" unit rather than the 2" you got. 1 1/4" + 1 1/4"= 2 1/2" then subtract my two 1/8" giving me 2 1/4" so did you trim them down that extra quarter inch? I am just going to play with it as is, but was a little confused.

    1. Debra, the finished sixe of center hourglasses are 3/4" finished each. Sewn together the measure 2" but finish 1 1/2". 3/4" + 3/4" =1 1/2" + 1/2" for seam allowance = 2"
      I used a regular 1/4" seam to sew units together. 1/8" sea was only with the triangles since they were SO tiny. Loving these tiny treasures, but they can be a little challenging to sew!