Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Penny Basket Week 7 Moda BlockHeads

Time for another block!  The week absolutely flew by.
Easter holiday even surprised me...I just was not ready.
You may be reading this while I'm at Jury Duty! Wish me luck and pray I don't get chosen. Is there ever a GOOD time for Jury Duty???  OH MY!  Book deadlines and Quilts to make for Spring Market....Big Sigh....Here's to hoping I'm home Thursday and back to sewing!!!

Just look where we have been!  Aren't they wonderful?  And really we have just begun!

Question of the Week....What is your favorite ruler?
I love Olfa Frosted rulers. Clean uncluttered and thin lines. My most favorite is the size Olfa calls 1" x 12" but it is really 1 1/4" x 12 1/2", go figure!
Most used is probably the 4 1/2", but I have them all from the 2 1/2" to the 16 1/2".

My other favorite ruler for trimming...I'm a BIG fan of making HSTs and geese larger and trimming to correct size and Bloc_Loc is the best!  In my opinion, of course.
There are many, many great products on the market.  But I do think we become a fan of a brand. The brand that suits our needs. I can do everything I need with these brands.
I have almost all Bloc_Loc rulers too.
 Olfa do you make a 60 degree triangle ruler?  I'll be checking at Market.  In the meantime, I've got lots of 60 degree diamonds and triangles  to cut...with the 6" x 12".
Hard to photograph, hope you can see.

Speaking of photos....
Hudson: MOLLY! MOM is trying to get photos.
No, I'm her assistant today.
MOVE, Molly!
Minor skirmish ensued.

Ha Ha Molly, I've taken your place.
I'm in every photo!
even if it is just my whiskers!

Here's the Penny Basket designed by Lynne Hagmeier.
It's sooo cute!

Please don't stop is below.

and here is my Mini Penny Basket! Mine, not Hudson's!
 Still not moving.

For Betsy's 3" Penny Basket
Trace around a penny for your berries. Applique as you choose. Cut background strips 1" wide, 
cutting again at 3", 3 1/2", and 2 @ 2".
Basket and background triangles are a 2" finished HST and for basket feet, cut 1 square 1 3/8", cutting once diagonally.  Construction is similar to Lynne's basket, except for the triangle under the basket, cut a 2" square  in half diagonally.  
(the last triangle is oversized for trimming after applique is finished. 
If you don't enjoy applique, try sewing buttons for the pennies. I've made another 3" basket for another time, without applique.  Only a basket would do for me this time...I simply could not pass up a Mini Penny basket! 

For Lynne's pattern Penny Basket, CLICK HERE 
Be sure to visit my BlockHead friends to see their blocks and tips. 
All the links for the designers are below.
Thank you Lynne!  and Hudson....

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.  The weather cooperated!
And Madison enjoyed the day, and that made the day for me!

It was a two basket kind of day...Uncle Matt played Easter Bunny.
Madison, use a basket!
Evaluating her lot...Precious.

Still hoping I'm not on a jury....
I'll post to Facebook and Instagram when I can.

Until next time ~

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  1. Oh, I love this little basket! I don't really need the pattern, but thought you would all like to know that the link to the PDF on Lynne's blog doesn't work. I will let her know too. I only use one ruler. My sewing room is cluttered enough so I don't feel I can add rulers to the mix - wink. I sue an Optima 12 1/2" ruler for everything. I paniced when I had to order a new one about 10 years ago and could only find it in sets of 4, so I do have the 9, 6 and 3" as well, but I almost always use just the 12 1/2" one.

  2. Oh, and by the way your grandaughter is a beauty! And so are your kitties!