Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It's My Week for Moda BlockHeads - Cat's Cradle

We are back again ... this time it is my week for Moda BlockHeads, Cat's Cradle is the pattern.  Hope you enjoy making this sweet block, but before we begin, let's answer the 
Question of the Week
In the 20 years you've been making quilts - is there a product invention that makes you the happiest?
First of all, I made my first quilt 35 years ago with scissors, cardboard templates and a pencil.
Without a doubt, the invention that I value the most is the combination of rotary cutter, acrylic rulers and self healing cutting mats.  Cardboard templates wore and got smaller as I drew shapes. It was frustrating and of course, not very accurate.  
I think the rotary cutter probably makes me the happiest, 
but where would it be without ruler and mat???

One month ago, I made all the blocks for August, with the exception of today's.  I knew I'd be back from some trips and have plenty of time to sew.  It is so funny how plans go ary when life gets in the way, NOT!  I completely forgot about a scheduled dermatology procedure Monday.  
Let's just say, I wish I had listened to my mother and not gotten so sunburned as a kid.
Those of you my age probably know exactly what I mean.  Television was full of Coppertone Baby commercials for sunbathing lotion, never sunscreen! I had beautiful tans, as I played outside all summer long, but every summer, I'd have a blistered  nose.  Thanks to new techniques, the offending spot is removed and hopefully will not ever return.  Ice packs and pain pills rock! 
Tuesday was an all day pajama day and I sewed up these sweet blocks. The worst part is wearing glasses to see!  LOL, glasses press and hurt, so just as soon as I finish typing, off they come. 
And yes, I wore them to sew...

Cat's Cradle

I had help...

Go to

for my pattern

Blogger doesn't like me today. copy the link to your browser.

I do suggest you starch your fabrics before cutting.

The best tip I can give you is to oversize 3 squares of background A and 3 squares of dark print B to 2".  Stitch them for HSTs and press to dark triangle. Then trim each unit to 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".
Having B fabric starched before cutting will certainly help with accurate cutting of the 1 7/8" squares into triangles.  Assemble units as shown, And then sewing units to background triangles is a breeze.  Tiny, little triangles tend to move and wiggle under the pressure foot. Starch, you won't be sorry.
Pieced HST units should measure 2".

Finally got Molly out of the way.

Inspired by the 6" block, I applied the same technique for the 3" Mini Penny block, but reversed values.

For A and B cut 2 - 1 3/4" squares of light print and 2 of dark print.
For B triangles, cut 4 - 1 5/8" squares of light print, cut once diagonally.
Hope you starched before cutting, these pieces are even more tiny!
For C, dark corners, cut 2 squares 2 3/4" cut again once diagonally.
I tried a different method for stitching the pieced triangle unit to C triangles. Notice, the red triangles are oversized. I positioned the parts so that there was extra all around. Pin in place and stitch. Press to the dark then using a block_loc ruler or regular square ruler, trim to 2"

Again, I think you will be happy you oversized. You could line up the hypotenuse of both triangles, just make sure you have extra on the right angle sides.

 Block measures 3 1/2" for a 3" finished block.
I think it is really cute!

Did you ever make Cat's Cradle with a loop of  yarn and your fingers?  Don't tell Molly if you did.

Please visit my BlockHead friends to see what they have made this week.

Time to ice my sore nose.

Until next time, 
Happy Sewing!
~ Betsy


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  2. Love your blocks and your sweet cat^^

  3. Must be my lack of sleep! I deleted my first comment as it was for Carrie's last block. Not sure how it automatically copied. Technology is not my friend. However, your block this week is right up my ally! Thanks for keeping me going. And, as for the question of the week, I am a hopelessly traditional quilter but I do love my rotary cutter.

  4. I think it was very important to show your cat with this particular block. Of course she would assume it was for her by the name (and the fact that she's a cat and it is made from fabric!) <3

  5. Betsy...This a lovely block, one of my favs! Thanks to you and all the Moda Designers!

  6. I also began my first quilt, out of used jeans, with template and scissors. Boy did my hands hurt! I got what I had done sewn together and quit for about 20 years. By then the rotary cutter, mat, and rulers had arrived on the scene, and I finished the "quilt"... one end of it turned out wider than the first end... accuracy! I tied the thing and it was great for lawns and picnics, but heavy on the bed. love your block fabric choices!