Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Moda BlockHeads Week 22 Birdhouse by Jan Patek

Question of the week... What kind of batting do you use?
I primarily use Hobb's 80 - 20 especially for really scrappy quilts with LOTS of piecing.  I have found the seams nestle in very well.  When I want a quilt super drapey, I like wool. Another batting I've used is called Legacy, I think, but I don't know who makes it.  And bamboo is nice and drapey. I had a hard time wrapping my head around bamboo, but why not, I started quilting with polyester in 1980!  My quilters would know best what I use, lol.  I machine or hand quilt small quilts myself and use leftover pieces from the larger quilts, but I never know what is what. If it drapes well, I use it and have been known to split wool batting...boy is that ever a pleasure to hand quilt!!!
Have you ever had a batting that didn't needle well? Chances are it was over resined in processing. It happened to me YEARS ago when I was hand quilting for the public.  I talked with the Hobbs man at Market and he said I should send it back, it had too much resin...right. will do... totally hand quilted and bound and in the hands of the recipient...NO, too late, thank you very much.  I remember how that batt felt...stiff like a layer of glue was on it. It hurt to quilt.  
Too much resin, something to look for...before quilting!!!

Here we go...Week 22, Birdhouse by Jan Patek, is another cute applique pattern.  
Isn't it cute!  I'm not a 'live' bird person, but do like birds in applique, especially folkart birds.  For this block I planned to do back basting, traced the back of my pattern and traced the pattern to the back side of  my fabric....then thought, oh I'll try freezer paper on this project.  Why? Because I was preparing this in anticipation for a trip and the need to schedule this post early and really didn't think I'd have time to applique.
Ok.  The day I traced shapes and cut out parts, my brain left on its own trip. I traced patterns for freezer paper applique, pressed fabric to paper and glued the shape's seam allowances in place. Cool, really happy until I placed everything on the pattern...backwards.  Who cares, right? quilt afterall.  No can do...had to re trace and start over with new bird and roof, the other shapes were fine.  Roof went in the trash but the backwards bird became a mini block, shown below.

For Jan's pattern, CLICK HERE to go to her blog for the pattern link. 
Jan will have all the tips and tutorials for you to use in your applique.
Enjoy stitching this little cutie, I did! Yes, it is all stitched down! :-)

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So here is a super trash to treasure use for the backwards bird 3" Mini Penny Sweet TWEET.
and a super quick 3" pieced block.
For the pieced block, cut the center square 2".  Cut 4 rectangles 1 1/4" x 2" and 4 squares 1 1/4".
Super easy to do. Block should measure 3 1/2" for a 3" finished block.
The pieced block is made of leftover pieces on the sewing those handy scraps!

in closing, a couple of small human form...

Madison was in such a good mood...tried to capture a good smile, but caught her  mid laugh or was is a yell??
and Reed with Grandad...looks like he is ready to box!

Wish you could hear Madison say has about 40 syllables! Love it!!!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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  1. Thank you for the directions for the cure little blocks to compliment this weeks Blockhead block. Super cute!

  2. Being in Maine, I use mostly wool. I prefer Dream Wool, but have used others. My favorite cotton is Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon Classic, but it is hard to find!

  3. Great blocks and your grandchildren are too cute for words!