Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's been great...Week 48 Moda BlockHeads Honeymoon by Carrie Nelson

Wow...48 weeks of weekly posts for Moda BlockHeads...It's a wrap.  I hope you all have enjoyed this block of the week as much as I have.  While we are wrapping up our 6" blocks, we are sharing our setting plans today.  

Question of the Week....Since we are sharing settings, 'fess up.  Is you quilt finished? or do you just have blocks and a plan?
I haven't stitched a thing on the quilt, just a gal with a plan.  You will find the plan below. Since we are 'fessing up, I rarely plan a setting in advance. I may have already mentioned that is a previous post. I like to see the blocks assembled on the design wall and go from there to pick fabrics, colors, alternate squares or alternate blocks, or sashing and cornerstones. Fabric speaks to me, does it to you? It will say 'no way', or 'yes, please'. I do have an idea of the fabrics for the setting as I type, but things can change, especially with me!!!

Here is my version of the last block, Week 48 Honeymoon by Carrie Nelson.
Thank you Carrie for all your blocks and for all the work you have done for us to make BlockHeads such a success.

Have you noticed favorite fabric combinations as I've made blocks?  I certainly hope they all will look wonderful together.  Blue - red - brown.  Red - yellow - brown.  Green - brown.  Ok, no more brown... Chocolates!
Click here for Carrie's pattern on Moda's Blog.

Please visit my friends' blogs to see what Jo, Lisa, Lynne and Jan have made this week,
 and to see their settings. Links below.

And now, one last 3" Mini Penny block...Confetti.

Throughout BlockHeads, I have kept a box, or 2, of scraps and scrap parts, like half square triangles.
I looked through the box and had enough odd size HSTs to make 4 1/2 pinwheels.  I made 2 more HSTs and pieced 1/2" finished triangle units together. Yes, 1/2" finished.  I trimmed all HSTs to 1".
Should you want to make Confetti from scratch, cut 10 light and 10 dark squares 1 1/2". Stitch to make HSTs and trim to 1".  .  Arrange units as you like and sew together to make pinwheels. The pinwheels should measure 1 1/2". Set the together with 4 - 1 1/2" squares.
Block should measure 3 1/2" for a 3" finished block.

Throw some confetti and celebrate.  

As for the 3" blocks, set them as you like, or wait for me to decide how I want to put these adorable blocks together. I know I have more than 48, but haven't counted.  I've been thinking of a setting, but nothing yet, is saying go for it.   Stay tuned.

Here is my BlockHead stack!

and here is my stack with sketch of setting...

I love graph paper.

If you would like to see the full setting,

Just had to share...recent picture of Mr. Reed, 8 months.  Just look at those cheeks! And that hat!  A Christmas gift from MIMI.  He looks rather dapper. and loves looking at himself for the selfie.

So, my friends it has been fun being on this journey with you.  I may be quiet for a while to take care of some deadlines but do want to say, that  just in case you haven't had all the fun you can stand, there just may be something exciting coming. So, stay tuned.

Happy Sewing!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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  1. It has been a fun sew-a-long! I got up a little earlier than usual so I could finish my quilt on the last day! Yes, we quilters are a crazy bunch. Since I am doing mine in the potholder method, if I can finish my last block this morning, my quilt will be DONE. It is not the setting I would have normally chosen, but I do like the fact that each designer is featured in a vertical row. I will post it on my blog today finished or not! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us and I look forward to seeing all the different settings!

  2. Thanks for sharing your time & talent each week. It's been a wild ride and I hope to make a scrappy version of my own quilt.

  3. Your blocks are amazing and those 3" blocks could possibly be the cutest thing ever, except for Mr. Reed.

  4. Thanks Betsy. Love your setting. Need to get busy making those little stars. I have preordered your Quiltmania book and look forward to more inspiration.

  5. Your blocks are so pretty and I can't wait to see what you do! Your grandson is so cute! Yes, those cheeks! And the hat! Quite a fine wee gentleman!

  6. Thanks Betsy, for the creativity of both large & mini blocks. By any chance did you do a mini for block 1? I took a quick look & couldn't find it so any help with that little block would be greatly appreciated. Such a handsome grandson in his great hat!

    1. Please send me your email and I will forward you a photo for Week 1.I don't think I gave any instructions, but check the archive on the blog or on facebook.
      I made the block strictly from leftovers when making the 6" block.

    2. You are so welcome and thank you! Look in the archives on this blog March 15 post, down near the bottom of the post. Just a picture.

  7. Betsy, your grandson is ADORABLE!!! You are KILLING us with those teeny tiny pinwheels for our last mini-penny. I have so enjoyed all of your contributions. Thank you so much!

  8. Do you have instructions for the 3" star cornerstone blocks in your Blockhead setting?