Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Block 3 for BlockHeads3...It's my week!

Happy Wednesday!

Today it is my pleasure to share one of my blocks, block 3 Crown and Star for BlockHeads3! 
Please enjoy today's post, I have lots of tips for you! and lots of photos!

Before I begin, let me say thank you for visiting my blog! And thank you for being a BlockHead!!!
Please come back each week as I am planning a little something extra for you as we progress.

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If everyone tries to download at the same time, there are SO many participating, that my blog will crash and so will the link...Patience, please. and come back. Blog will recover and all information will still be here.

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Crown and Star

I thoroughly enjoyed making this block, so much so, that I made it in 3 sizes!

Why 3 sizes? Why not? 
When you can't make up your mind...and you cut wrong and are simply in the mood to play...  
The oh so cute alphabet slate thingy was my mom's.  I had her name spelled out and it took forever to move Florence to the side and get Block 3 on the center line!! It's there but it is hard to see.

Whether you make a 12", 8", 6" or the tiny 4"block, the methods for construction
 will be exactly the same.

and a 3" goof....
Or is it a fine example of reversed fabric placement??? Hmm.
Nothing goes to waste around here.

After struggling over fabric selection(s), I spray starched the fabrics and pressed them well before cutting.  This one step is crucial especially with small blocks! Fabrics are a mix of Sarah's Story, available now, and Nancy's Needle, arriving in March.

After starching and pressing, I decided to make all flying geese units first.
The directions given are what I used for all but the 4" block and by the way, if you wish to make the 4" version, you will need to go to Lisa Bongean's blog for her measurements. Link is below.

Here are my tips for making Crown and Star....
1. Before cutting C, F, G and H, add 1/8" to the squares and, then cut into triangles as directed.
Sew as directed, then trim to the finished size you need for the size block you are making.
I personally LOVE Bloc_Loc rulers for flying geese trimming!

The 4" for example needs a 3/4" x 1 1/2" flying geese ruler.

6" block needs 1" x 2"
8" block needs 1 1/2" by 3"
12" block needs 2" x 4"

'Trim to' sizes are included in the pattern, if you don't have the flying geese rulers.  There are other rulers on the market, but this method is a favorite.

2.  Next, I cut out the remaining pieces. If you are not making a scrappy background as in my 8" block, cutting is a breeze.
Assemble center star as shown in the pattern.

3.  Make HSTs  as directed for F and G. Trim to size directed on the patten.

4.  Assemble your parts for the Crown.
Notice I'm showing 2 ways for assembly.
Above, works great for 6" block or larger.
For the 4" block, I found the assembly method below easier and more accurate.
Geese units like to curve and it's annoying. Just saying.

5.  Layout parts and sew units together.
Thought you might lie to see the back side of my parts.
I like to twist my seams at intersections and clip only if needed to reduce bulk.
Twist, flip, or spin...all the same technique.
Sorry about the different kinds of lighting in these photos! Yikes!
Sew sections together, twisting seam intersections as needed and pressing well. 

Click Here
to download Crown and Star pattern.

Hope you enjoy making my block!

and then there were 3...or 4 or 5! which one will I use!
or all?

Remember, I won't settle on my setting until most, if not all of the blocks are made.

Please visit all of our designers (links below)to see how they have made my block.  
I can't wait to see them!!

Until next time,
~ Betsy

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  Lisa Bongean -
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