Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Happy BlockHeads3 Day! Week 13, The Baldwin by Jen Kingwell

Happy Wednesday!  A busy week at home has flown by and, here we are with Block 13!

Jen Kingwell has designed a super fun and unique block for us in The Baldwin.

Jen's block comes in 4 sizes and can be paper pieced, or hand pieced, as she prefers.  Hats off to Jen for hand piecing this block....<insert clapping hands here>...
I paper pieced my 6" version. <insert big grin here>

When I first look at some of the patterns our designers create, I immediately 'see' something in them.  Sometimes, what I 'see' evolves into a story as it has today....

I decided on a two color palette, plus background block.  I was thinking of a flower when selecting fabric, then once made, I didn't see the flower anymore, but rather a marble.  Yes, a marble.

These are my Dad's marbles. I lose my marbles on occasion, lol, but always know where his are. Dad was born in 1919 and these were his a child.  My parents saved all sorts of things. These were in his desk. Now, when I see Jen's block, I won't see a flower, but instead will see Max's Marble. 

for the link to Jen's pattern.

The cream and green prints are from the still coming soon Nancy's Needle, unless you live in Australia, where I think it has arrived? The yellow print is from Sarah's Story.

The pile has moved to the design wall until it is needed. 
 It's fun to see the blocks grow in number and space.
I included all the different sizes I have made and will make final selections later,
include them all.

Remember I said it's been a busy week, well I'm working on something new, well, a couple of somethings new.  Watch Instagram, just in case I don't get it posted here.
Today, I'm making masks for our family.

Please drop in on our designers to see what they have made.
Thank you Jen, for the block and the story inspiration. xx

Until next time ~
 Be safe, stay well and stay home and sew.


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  1. Love your marble collection, Betsy, and it's a perfect name for the block. My dad was also born in 1919, and my brothers have his marbles and wood spinning tops. I am getting SO anxious for Nancy'e Needle shipments to start. My little fat eight bundle from you is dwindling.

  2. That is so cool that you saw a marble in your block! And how nice to have your dad's heirloom collection of marbles. I have planned to make the 6" version as well. Now to start wrapping my brain around FPP. It always takes a bit for my brain to get started, but then is goes smoothly, especially when I cut my fabric pieces generously. My Nancy's Needle layer cake is on its way!

  3. Your block is beautiful, especially with Nancy's Needle fabrics. I loved your story about the marbles, especially since my folks were born during the same decade.