Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Home from Alaska for Week 24 Corn No Beans

I can't believe one week ago, we were looking at glaciers in the Tracy Arms awesome!  What a good thing it was to write the post for last week early because the ship's internet when working, was s o o o  s l o w! I tried to post to Instagram and Facebook and never got one post through.  Anyway much thanks for Carrie posting the block for me!  When I could post, it seemed anti climatic.  Oh well. Was only a slight glitch.

View from ship in Juneau.

 View from our room in Skagway. We will be getting on that train.

Just one of the breathtaking views, high above town, from the White Pass train.

I'm ready to go back!  I saw an eagle sitting in a tree and a giant something, whale or dolphin, as it jumped out of the water on the far side away from the ship going into Juneau.  I'm saying whale.  Of course neither time did I have the iPhone ready.

Question of the Week....Rulers, which size and brand do you reach for the most?  Olfa Frosted and Bloc_loc rulers are my go to rulers.  I have multiples on the sizes shown and of a 4" Olfa Frosted ruler too. the long skinny ruler is called a 1" x 12" but is actually 1.25"x 12.5".  I use the 4", 6", 1"x12" and 6"x12" the most. The 1"x12" is a very versatile ruler...a great straight edge and when 3/4" finished strips are needed for log cabin strips, it cannot be beat! For Bloc_loc, the 4.5" HST is my most used...I have a spare. and I have every size flying geese Bloc_loc makes

Carrie Nelson brings us today's block, week 24, Corn No Beans.

Mine looks like Corn, Beans and Salsa!  OR better yet Nachos!  Can you tell I'm craving Tex- Mex...chips, salsa, queso, enchiladas and everything else!!!  I love this block, Carrie! But it's making me hungry.  Thank you!  
Fun to select fabric and to sew.  

Click here 
for Carrie's pattern on the Moda blog.
Visit our other designers to see what they made. Links below.

Mini Penny

Cut  1 3/4" squares of light and dark prints, OR use leftover triangles from other blocks.
Trim each HST unit to 1 1/4".  These little tiny HSTs finish at 3/4".

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I love your salsa version! Welcome back!

  2. holiday sounds wonderful.
    I like creative grid rulers have a couple of bloc locs but not very good with them