Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Twice the Friendship, Blockheads block #25 by Lynne Hagmeier

Here we are again for Week 25 Moda Blockheads!
This week's fun block is brought to you by Lynne Hagmeier.  Such a fun block to make.  I have not used Lynne's layered techniques for my blocks, so you will want to go to her blog for those special tips and the pattern for this week.
I love the movement in this star block!
Whether traditionally pieced or with Lynne's layered method you will enjoy making this block.
for the link to Lynne's blog and pattern.
 (both methods will be included in the pattern link)
I've added a sweet tan print from Grace's Garden (shipping in October) to tease you a bit. Indigo print is from Hope's Journey and the chintz background is from Rachel Remembered.

I kept the friendship star theme going with the 3" mini Penny block too.

Cutting for the 3" blocks is as follows:
From light background 5 - 1 1/2" squares for corners and center 
From background and tan print 2 - 2" squares each for HSTs
From secondary brown print 4 - 1" squares for connector corners
Make HSTs and trim to 1 1/2"
Sew tiny squares on diagonal line to center square and fold back to corner. Trim excess away before adding the next corner. Trim center square in a square to 1 1/2"
Block should measure 3 1/2" for 3" finished block.

Question of the Week......We are half-way through the 48 weeks, Have you decided on a setting?
Short answer, NO. 
I have thought of settings, though. I'm leaning toward sashing the blocks, but in what manner of sashing, no clue.  To tell the truth, I may not decide until we have made all the blocks.  Setting or fabric, which comes first?  Which dictates the use of the other?
I'm a fairly indecisive person, but also spontaneous.  I'll know the answer when I've thought of it in the shower.  ;-)

Go visit my friends to see what they have been doing this week.  Links below.

Where has August gone?  and Summer?  Texas heat usually makes the days of summer long, endless and miserable!!!  While it has been hot and humid, the lawns are still pretty and green with frequent rains.  Certainly a welcome change, but quite different from what we are accustomed! 
One more week of August....

If you need to catch up, use the following link for past patterns.

Until next time, 
Happy Sewing!
~ Betsy


  1. Love your blocks and yes, I have decided on a sashing yet. Now let's see if I can make it work.

  2. What a fun block. Answer to this week's question, yes. Since I am doing mine in the potholder method I am truly half done! I am posing my "half done" quilt today (the Constant Quilter blog). I'm not as good about getting things on Facebook, but I will try to post it there too. Thanks a million!

  3. I haven't decided for sure, but am thinking about making 2 of each block so I will have more for a larger quilt. I made 2 of #21, 22 & the birdhouse, so I need to go back and make more of the first 20. We'll see how that goes! We moved to Oregon from Duncanville and it hasn't rained here all summer except once. Before we moved, TX had been in drought for so long. Of course, we get lots of rain in the winter months, but not in the summer. I was kind of surprised about that. We have a sprinkler system here but didn't in Texas. Go figure.